Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Iron Bird

Acrylic  12 X 24 inches.

I have missed the pleasure of painting in oils, but my studio space is rather small and too close to our living area to have linseed oil and other odors floating about, so I put together this image with acrylic. There are mediums for acrylic paint which will keep it fluid for some time, so I didn't feel too cheated. 

Once the image was coated with gloss medium and gloss varnish, I felt I had captured that oil paint look.

Again, the image is one that asks the question, 'Why do we miss Nature so much, yet consistently turn our backs on it?' Yes, our icons are lovely, or frightening, or humorous; but in essence, they only hint at the marvels of the real thing. If you look closely at the bird, it is really upset! Funny, because it is made to go on a table or in a garden where the shape of it makes it look adorable. But if you put it above you, the face becomes testy. My way of saying that we ignore the destruction of our home at our peril.

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