Thursday, May 2, 2013

Full Moon Aboard

Collage on Watercolor. 18" X 24"

This is a basket-vase with greenery, and a full moon outside the portal window. I used decorative papers encased in acrylic medium for the wallpaper and lace under the vase. The vase, plants, and full moon view in the window are watercolor. I need a little more greenery at the foot of the vase, but that may not happen for awhile...

That's the technical description. Lately I have seen something in my work that shows where my thoughts have been for some time: We put all the beauty we can find room for in our personal surroundings, but it seems to me that we edge out the aspects of the natural world which we find thrilling, exhilarating, even, but which leaves us a touch uneasy. The wild part. The part we yearn for, but have mostly lost touch with. The part we are losing through neglect. So here is a vase under full interior light, obscuring an inky, foggy night under a close, full moon. Where do we go from here?

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