Friday, March 8, 2013

Ancient Spirit

Watercolor  12 X 25 1/2 inches

Daffodils seem primordial to me, ancient and venerable in their waxy structure, posing regally with their heads raised high in the air. They are often depicted as fragile, early Spring harbingers, but I think they are quite hardy, like Spring plants must be. The vase is an old, scarred one with shields and artful creatures on it, which seemed just the container for the bold yellow flowers.

Revised with Collage  Paper

After a couple of months I realized what to do at the base of the vase. It was too empty, not enough interest to offset the brilliance of the flowers. So I added a non-woven lace paper around the vase for a doily effect. Unfortunately, I had to frame this right away and didn't get a final image captured until after the glass was in the frame. But the improvement is still visible.

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