Friday, January 18, 2013

Moving in New Directions

Doing collage and working in mixed media has long fascinated me, so I decided to give collage a try in this ink and watercolor painting. Rather than wait till the end, I will add images as I progress. I work on more than one painting, so I may not post progress here daily. Finished, published work can be found at Here goes - !

After painting in the rooster and amaryllis with watercolor, I decided to add textured papers to the composition. The two "vases", one at the bottom of the painting and one in the upper left, will have to be trimmed, coated with acrylic gel medium, and eventually glued in place with matte medium. I really wanted to use the black and white pattern (lying on the rooster's body) for a vase shape too, but I had only a tiny piece. After much foot dragging, I sat down and recreated the pattern in ink, behind the rooster. 

At this point you can see the completed black and white vase shape, plus all the other papers I am considering using in the composition.  I am limiting my color selections to a palette of reds, greens, and a few neutrals in brown, gray, and black. This allows the flowers and rooster shape to pop. I still need the handful of textures in the muted tones to hold the composition together.

Here are the papers drying from their bath in soft gel gloss. Both sides have to be coated.

I decided to unite the objects with a pathway that the rooster is taking. It was made from a printout of the botanical history of the amaryllis. Then I coated the back with matte medium, adhered it to the watercolor paper, and coated the front with several coats of watercolor and a final two coats of soft gel matte.

The areas around the pathway are painted with acrylic inks. I started to put in a few flower shapes in the background ...

"Stalking the Wild Amaryllis"

watercolor, ink, paper collage

Which just grew and grew!

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