Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creating Heals

I recently had a nice conversation with a woman who has been struggling with illness for a couple of years. She feels her creativity has been disrupted by her concentration on her therapies, plus taking care of her family and doing all those daily things we must do. But she was crying out for a quiet, pulled-together moment in her mind, so she could concentrate on making something instead of focusing on ending her illness.
As a painter/artist/creative, I know how tough it is to take oneself into the studio daily and allow the creative energy to flow through you, allow it out onto something that comes through your hands, your voice, your brush or keyboard. Or your kitchen or workshop, garden, sewing machine... Seeking to exercise your creative spirit, you unavoidably start to see the many ways that creative moments are available to you. How many places in your home, yard, surrounding neighborhood or workplace tickle your brain cells, touch your heart, call you to add one little unexpected flourish to the job? Have you slowed down long enough to let the possibilities in?

Spider crawling out of its old skin

Hunting for a creative moment in a busy, noisy world is like stalking a bird with your binocs; you slow down, keep your mind chatter low, relax your body, breathe and just observe. When the bird appears, you don't have to do anything more than continue to be available to the moment. So be the stalker of your creative inspiration and expressive opportunities. If you can't do 8 hours, go for 10 minutes. Calm your brain chatter and see what pops up. At the very least you'll feel better, which is where this blogpost started: creating by its very nature, heals.

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