Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travelling Around Home

My husband and I took a week-end trip along the Columbia River, as we did years ago before moving here. I tried, once again without success, to photograph just one waterfall from top to bottom. There is something about the variety of geographical features in the Pacific Northwest, a kind of blessed excess of every terrain and feature possible. I imagine that this little chunk of the Northwestern Hemisphere was once a test site for all the climates and features that were later scattered across the rest of the land, from here to the Atlantic. There is almost no spot around Tacoma to Portland, to The Dalles and back up to Yakima, which is not overseen by at least two volcanoes of dominant proportions. It's awesome in the truest sense to see the mountains, and to note to oneself how many spots under us are channeling molten rock here and there. After driving from The Dalles, temperature a close 101F,  the first glimpse of the Yakima Valley area is so expansive and welcoming. Something green, so much productivity centered around the growth of food, and wine! There is nothing in the Pacific Northwest that one can ever get used to, thank God, nothing that can be taken for granted. Every area has its annual or even seasonal disaster, its own mind-blowing beauty. My husband and I laugh that, any time we need an out-of-body experience, all we have to do is go to Chinook Pass, step out of the car, and look at "Takhoma" still rising well above us. It's great to be small.

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